Title IIIE Caregiver


An FCSP Support Services provided to a caregiver by a person appropriately trained and experienced in the skills required to deliver the level of counseling service, which may range from guidance with caregiving responsibilities to therapy for stress, depression, and loss; and (A) may involve his or her informal support system; (B) may be individual direct sessions and/ or telephone consultants, and (C) may address caregiving-related financial and long-term care placement responsibilities.

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Title IIIE

FosterLuv: Community College Foster Kinship Care Education Program

Our goal is to provide quality education and support opportunities to caregivers of children and youth in out-of-home care. We also ensure that caregivers have the tools needed to meet foster children’s educational, emotional, behavioral & developmental needs. For our relative care providers, we provide support and information open to the community whether you are formally working with Child Welfare Services or informally providing care to a loved one.


To find upcoming classes or to discuss services, please contact Dottie Nicholson at 707-718-7162

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