Meet Our Team

A Group Dedicated to Improving Health Outcomes

Our people are what makes IHS special. Our collective academic background, professional experience, network of contacts, and passion for health and wellness. Each team member works with passion, commitment, and resiliency. We are invested and committed to the cause, both as an organization and personally for each employee.

This is a passion for us!

The IHS team has broad expertise/experience in healthcare, nutrition, policy, agriculture, and fundraising. We understand the landscape (policy, players, models, and systems) to make healthy change.

Norma Lisenko

Dr. Norma Rodriguez de Lisenko

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Norma Rodriguez de Lisenko has been leading Innovative Health Solutions (IHS), formerly known as Healthy Cooking with Kids, Inc., since 2008. Our non-profit organization aims to bring public and private entities together to create collective policy, systems, and environmental changes that benefit the community.

With over twenty years of experience in public health advocacy, Dr. Lisenko has developed extensive expertise in funding development, organizational management, team building, contract management, program planning, development, implementation, and evaluation. My work has played a prominent role in creating joint policy, systems, and environmental changes between public and private organizations.In addition to being the CEO, I also serve as the Principal Investigator at IHS. My research is focused on Trauma Informed Nutrition Intervention for perinatal women of color. My research on this topic has been published in renowned academic journals.

Gio Miramontes

Gio Miramontes, MA

Programs Manager

Gio is a health educator, fitness trainer, and nature lover. In her role at IHS, she helps develop tools and resources for the community, IHS partners, and other groups and organizations. Physical fitness is a passion for Gio, and she has dedicated much of her career to helping others improve their health and wellness. A certified strength and conditioning coach and performance enhancement specialist, Gio manages Fall Prevention classes and other fitness training programs, and she has also worked as an elementary physical education teacher.

Denise Kirnig

Denise Kirnig

Special Project Advisor 

In June 2021, Denise Kirnig retired from Solano County with more than 29 years of service in the Health and Social Services Department, Public Health Division. Denise began her career with the Solano Services Department of Health and Social Services as a Public Health Nutritionist in 1991 to work in the WIC program, provide outpatient counseling for Family Health Services and the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP). Denise oversaw the WIC Program and led a team of Public Health Nutritionists on a special project dedicated to Solano Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (WORKs) projects. Denise's ability to think outside the box allowed the clients to learn about healthy meal shopping and preparation, and families received Welfare to Work time for attending these classes.

Wendy Tobiasson

Wendy Tobiasson

Data Analyst

As a data analysis specialist, Wendy Tobiasson believes in the power of numbers, the stories they can tell, and how data can drive positive changes in public health and wellness. Wendy is personally and professionally committed to improving local food systems and infrastructures. Her entire career has focused on sustainable, climate-positive initiates and she has spent many years designing, implementing, and evaluating energy efficiency programs across the US and around the globe. Wendy joined IHS after collaborating with the organization as part of the Marin Food Policy Council, and brings her expertise in data analysis, program planning, and collective impact to the IHS team.

Janet Miramontes

Janet Miramontes, MS

Programs Assistant

Janet came to IHS as an intern in Fall 2021, focusing on communications with our HealthRx program in and collecting and organizing all data for reporting. After six months of working with IHS, Janet was promoted to Programs Assistant displaying her strong skills in communications, marketing, and data reporting. She brings a bright and lively spirit to the team, ready to accomplish any task presented before her.  When she’s not working, Janet is the Head Coach for Carondelet High School’s Rugby Team.

Juliana Biggs

Juliana Biggs, BA

Health Educator and License Trainer

Juliana is a Health Educator and Licensed trainer at IHS. She currently teaches cooking classes with kids and exercises classes with adults. She strives to provide a fun, engaging approach to nutrition and health to help people of all ages reflect on how they are nourishing their bodies with food and exercise. After returning home to the Bay during the pandemic, she became invested in serving the community she grew up in and interned at Solano Public Health. The work of public health swept her away and she has been a part of it ever since. She is passionate about addressing the root causes of health inequities in our communities and she hopes to further her education by pursuing a master’s degree.