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Innovative Health Solutions (IHS) Voluntary Contribution Policy


In accordance with the Older Americans Act each service provider will create an opportunity for clients to make voluntary contributions to the cost of services.

Sec. 1321.67 Service contributions.

(a) For services rendered with funding under the Older Americans Act, the area agency on aging shall assure that each service provider shall:

  • Provide each older person with an opportunity to voluntarily contribute to the cost of the service;
  • Protect the privacy of each older person with respect to his or her contributions; and
  • Establish appropriate procedures to safeguard and account for all contributions.

(b) Each service provider shall use supportive services and nutrition services contributions to expand supportive services and nutrition services respectively. To that end, the State agency shall:

  • Permit service providers to follow either the addition alternative or the cost sharing alternatives as stated in 45 CFR 92.25(g) (2) and (3); or (2) A combination of the two alternatives.

(c) Each service provider under the Older Americans Act may develop a suggested contribution schedule for services provided under this part.

  • In developing a contribution schedule, the provider shall consider the income ranges of older persons in the community and the provider's other sources of income.
  • However, means tests may not be used for any service supported with funds under this part. State agencies, in developing State eligibility criteria for in-home services under section 343 of the Act, may not include a means test as an eligibility criterion.

(d) A service provider that receives funds under this part may not deny any older person a service because the older person will not or cannot contribute to the cost of the service.





IHS Voluntary Contribution Form

IHS public health services are provided at no charge and are partially funded by Older Americans Act dollars.

We do accept voluntary contributions to help expand services. No one will ever be denied services due to failure or inability to contribute. All contributions are kept confidential.

Voluntary contributions may be mailed (Note – if offer of mailing, need to include envelope) or dropped off at the following location:



180 Olive Branch Ct, P.O. Box 183

Benicia, CA 94510

Phone: 707-205-5572


Please specify the program or service you wish your voluntary contribution to be used for expansion :__________________________


Thank you for your support. We look forward to continuing to serve you.



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